New 550 Paracord Creations

Featured here is latest Self-Defense key fob and Survival Bracelets by BlackBerry Outfitters and Survival. The key fob is made with 550 paracord and 5/16 hex nuts. A great self-defense EDC. Several color combinations are available and they come with a lifetime limited warranty. For more information or to have a set made for you, contact us through our contact form page or email us at

[email protected]

550 paracord is used for a countless array of projects, from parachutes to survival bracelets and gear. Listed here are some basic uses for 550 paracord. By the way, 550 stands for the breaking point of this cord, 550 pounds. > > > > > > > > > > > > 

Survival Bracelets, clothes lines, rope, tent support, fishing line, shoe laces, belts, rifle sling, animal snare, repelling, towing, tie-downs, mantles, dental floss, lanyards, watch strap, zipper pulls,

wrapping knife handle, serpentine  belt and much much more....