Reasons To ​Prep

It's 3:45 p.m., the electric power just went off  The furnace won't come on the lights are off. No TV or radio an your cell is at 5% and there is no way to charge your phone. It's going to be dark in a couple of hours and the temperature is starting to drop. You look out your door and notice your neighbors are starting to gather outside, so you grab a coat and join them. One of the approaching neighbors is shouting from across the street saying. "the power is out all over town!" So, what's your next step?


What To Purchase and Where

If you are a prepping beginner, you need to know what items to purchase ie; foods that have a long shelf life and what store has what you need. Watch for sales at your local big box stores and supermarkets like Costco, Sam's, Walmart, Kroger's, Giant Eagle and Aldi's.

Listed here are a few items that will last a long time.

Spam, Maple Syrup, Salt, Sugar, Instant Coffee, White Rice, Dry Beans, Honey and all sorts of canned foods. Are you thinking? YouTube has an abundance of ideas you can use based on your family size, location etc. By the way, don't forget toilet paper!

First-Aid Kits

First-Aid Kits are very important for obvious reasons. During an emergency or SHTF situation when medical professionals are not available, you need to be able to address the problem as soon and as quickly as possible. With a first aid kit available, you just might be able to save a life and or prevent infection or even a simple headache. Whether at home, camping or traveling, always have a well stocked and up to date first aid kit.