A Bag For Everyone In The Family

Everyone Needs A Bag

As far as bags go, everyone is the house should have their own bag loaded with the gear and tools they need for survival.

I'm not talking about video games or make-up but things that could possibly save your life. The photo shown here has a few items that might get your creative fluids going. This is also a good idea for camping, road trips and emergencies. All bags should have the following first; several ways to make fire or to cook, shelter, full change of clothes, first-aid, food and water and a signaling device and a flashlight with extra batteries. Rain gear and emergency blanket and don't forget toilet paper.

5 Gallon Buckets

5 gallon buckets that you can purchase from Lowes or Home Depot or Walmart are a good way to stuff with the main supplies you will need. Canned goods, boxed food, sauces and cooking oils or lard. The stuff that's to heavy for your backpack, like rice, beans, pasta or pots and pans to cook with. Be sure to put these supplies in your buckets instead of those plastic totes because one person can carry two buckets but it take two people to carry one tote. Hey, don't forget toilet paper and a first-aid kit...